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Multi-faceted role of the teacher Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Multi-faceted role of the teacher - Essay ExampleEducators design curriculum to help them imbed breeding paths for their students. This noble task has been attempted repeatedly and in various contexts in the hopes of improving curriculum. It raise be said that educators al right smarts work towards a curriculum that empowers the learner. It would greatly benefit him and future generations to come. computer program comprises the whole school programme. It covers a broad spectrum - from how the physical environment is designed, which skills are targeted to be developed in the children, which concepts and activities are appropriate for the age group, what are the routines to be included and how one transitions from one activity to another. fen (2004) defines curriculum as a variety of learning experiences where students gain general skills and obtain knowledge in different learning sites. This definition concentrates more on learning and learning skills rather than teaching. It also determine the practical skills gained from other learning sites other than from school alone. Grundy (1987) in his definition describes curriculum as A programme of activities (by teachers and pupils) designed so that pupils will attain so far as possible sealed educational and other schooling ends or objectives (Grundy, 1987, p.11).It is evident that any curriculum definition one way or another puts emphasis on the learning process, gained knowledge and skills, subject content and students comprehensive learning experience. In designing an appropriate course curriculum, an essential process needs to be considered including which curriculum feign is most suitable for the needs of the learner. The process of learning is as important as the content in condition(p) (Newby 2005).Constructivist theory is gaining more attention, recognition and acceptance in many educational institutions. Its curriculum premises on the belief that learners construct their own

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George Whitefield Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

George Whitefield - Essay ExampleHe died in 1770 (Orentas). Whitefield was specifically commonplace among the poor and the illiterate lot for his wonderful power of oratory, so they gathered in large add up to listen to him. Brief history of George Whitefield In his childhood days, Whitefield would often skip school in society to prepare himself for the on-stage performances that made part of his schools co-curricular activities. He was a big fan of plays, and had analyze hundreds of them. In the later years of his life, Whitefield retreated from acting and spared theatrical performances altogether, yet the practice he did in the early years of his life was sufficient to inculcate the qualities of a potential preacher in him. How Whitefield got into preach Whitefield joined Pembroke College, Oxford after his school was over. It was the very college where Whitefield joined a community of pious Methodists. Those Methodists introduced themselves to others as the hallowed Club. Wesl ey brothers, namely Charles and John were the leaders of this group. Having joined the Holy Club, Whitefield felt a change within himself and his concerns for the religion and its teachings grew manifolds. As a result of his increased association with the religion, Whitefield took the decision of serving as a missionary in the colony of new Georgia aside the Atlantic Ocean. Fight the good postulate of faith, and God will give you spiritual mercies (Whitefield cited in BrainyQuote). The qualities of George Whitefield 1. The oratory power The most distinguishing quality of George Whitefield was that he was blessed with a magical oratory power by the nature. He did not know it from the start, precisely soon as he began to make speeches in front of the public, Whitefield realized that people in the mob hung on every single word that he uttered. He had an unusual way of portraying the distinction features of various characters in the Bible. There used to be a great realism in his sp eech. period reservation the speech, Whitefield used to cry and dance. He spoke at the top of his voice. David Garrick, who used to be iodine of the most popular actors in UK in those days said, I would give a hundred guineas if I could say Oh like Mr. Whitefield (Christian History). Once, it so happened that he was speaking about eternity. While making the speech, he suddenly paused, looked sideways and screamed, Hark Methinks I hear the saints chanting their everlasting hallelujahs, and spending an pure(a) day in echoing forth triumphant songs of joy. And do you not long, my brethren, to join this heavenly chorus? (Christian History). 2. Gathering of the mass Whitefield knew the magic of gathering people in no time. Crowds that he used to address often exceeded the entire population of the cities in which he would make the speech. Whitefield made a tour to America in 1739 with an intention to preach. His first stop in America was Philadelphia which was the worlds most cosmopo litan city. To hear his speech, so many people gathered that even the most across-the-board churches in Philadelphia could not accommodate them. The crowd in Philadelphia had some 8000 people in it. In crop to address them all at one time, Whitefield had taken them outdoors. Often, Whitefield himself became surprised to see the volume of listeners and would think how unlogical crowds managed to gather so quickly

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Business future Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

tune future - Assignment ExampleThese sources are highly reliable since they are published by bad authors and the political sympathies of India hence they satisfy international standards of credibility and relevance. This report can serve as a preliminary reading before one embarks on an intensive research into the car manufacturing industry in India.Manufacturing is the labour-intensive and machine-applying process through which raw materials are converted into finished products on a massive scale either for use or for cut-rate sale (Brown, 2001). Manufacturing also entails the formulation of merchandise through the habit of chemical and biological processes. The uses of the output of the manufacturing industry are very diverse. For instance, some of the products from the manufacturing industry can be used for other complex manufacturing processes such as aircraft manufacturing, for sale to wholesalers who then sell to retailers, or verbatim sale to end consumers (Brown, 2001) . In free markets, the manufacturing industry focuses on mass production of good for sale to end-consumers at a profit while in collectivist markets, the manufacturing industry is used to supply the governments planned economy. In mixed markets, manufacturing is conducted under governmental regulation (Raj put, 2008).Since the manufacturing industry is one of the roughly potent wealth generating industry, there have been several variations in this industry depending on the products, machinery, technology and purpose (Raj put, 2008). One of the facets of the manufacturing industry is automobile or car manufacturing sector (Peters, 2011). The car manufacturing is a sub-sector of the manufacturing industry, which houses a widely range of companies with their common activity being the designing, manufacturing, advertising and selling of automobiles (Peters, 2011). It excludes the organizations or companies

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Strategic delimma, the quality improvement , equal work load and Case Study

Strategic delimma, the spirit improvement , equal work load and quality and patient safety - Case Study Examplegaged throughout the project by striving to number trust among team members through team building, strengthening interpersonal relationships and motivating team members by recognizing their theatrical role to the team (Allio, 2006).I order to get the team underway, Jeff should personally communicate with the expected team members and controvert with them the mission and objectives of the project for them to buy in. After that, he should organize another meeting where they will handle in detail about the project and progress working on the project with interested members.The perpetration could have avoided the last minute rush on its project thereby avoiding the conflict on the deadline solar day of the project. The workload could have been managed easily through cooperation taking in to account the request by bingle of the team members to be absent for some clipping at a crucial stage in the project. The committee could work a little bit harder and faster to avoid this scenario.AT the very get-go of the committees life, the leader should have come up with a detailed pan on how the workload will be managed. This plan would take in to account significant issues such as the departure by some members at crucial points in the project, including Marianas request.The team should include Marianas name on the report because of the contribution she has made so far and her desire to do much work to cater for her time off. It was not Marians choice to quit the committee at such a point since it was a leadership failure to plan for her absence despite cosmos forewarned.Kyle should reorganize the be members in the committee and device a plan for working out the remaining part of the project without Marianas contribution. This will facilitate completion of the project within the desired time despite encountering planning problems in the initial strategy of the project.In order to foster strategic thought process in this situation, I will devise an action plan with details

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Biology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Biology - Essay mannikinSome of the first scientists to pioneer into the field of novel genetics and ontogenesis were Gregor Mendel and Charles Darwin. Gregor Mendel was an Austrian monk who is considered to be the father of modern genetics. Specifically, his intellectual curiosity stemmed from his technique and involvement in horticulture, specifically pea plant plants. He was interested in how the transmission of traits occurred not only in his pea plants, but in people as well. He used selective breeding techniques to track the traits as they were passed on from coevals to generation. The reason that Mendel chose to study pea plants was due to the fact that pea plants are a model organism. The traits were soft observable (pea color, pea shape, stem length, etc.). He could also cultivate multiple generations quickly in ensnare to collect his data regarding the experiments. From his data, he was able to show that the current theory of the time, blending theory, was incorrect. U nfortunately, most of his sketch and theory was not recognized until after his death (Edleson, 2001). The basis by which all rules in modern genetics are derived from are from the three faithfulnesss that lay the foundation for genetic study the law of dominance, the law of segregation, and the law of independent assortment. The law of dominance states that in genes, there are two copies. The gene that is evince is dominant over the other and the one that is not shown is recessive. This was discovered in the pea color of Mendels plants in that the yellow color was dominant and the green was recessive. The law of segregation states that during gamete formation, the pairs of genes will separate helter-skelter and then will combine during fertilization. This is what produces the genetic variability in an organism. Lastly, the law of independent assortment states that the right smart in which genes are sorted during gamete formation is completely random and that they do not have a n event on one another during this process. These rules of genetics have remained unchallenged and are the fundamentals of understanding thickening genetic theory (Griffiths, et. Al., 2008). Charles Darwin was a British naturalist who developed the modern theory of evolution. He specifically was interested in the way in which evolution occurred. The observations for his theory were a majority from his voyage to the Galapagos Islands on the HMS Beagle. He considered the Galapagos Islands to be a sort of cradle of creation in that the isolation of the island from humans allowed it to be a hot spot for ecological and evolutionary development. He collected many different specimens and fossils that he noticed were similar species. It was from this that he hypothesized that there was a mechanism by which evolution occurred and that this could be observed through studying the ecology of the region. He published his findings in the Origin of Species and was at first scrutinized for his th eories, practically being described as blasphemy against the notion of a scientific theory for creation. Never the less, Darwins theories regarding evolution became the groundwork for scientists today who are studying modern evolution (Greenberger, 2005). Darwins theory of evolution was based on the concept of natural selection and survival of the fittest. Natural selection states that based on the traits that are expressed by a species that some of them will allow greater adaptation to the environment than others. This adaptation makes the organism

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Eagle's Nest Hotels Case Study - Detailed Implementation Plan Essay

Eagles Nest Hotels upshot Study - Detailed Implementation Plan - Essay ExampleSome special arrangements need to be made to meet the requirements of the government policy and to fix that an additional cost of US $30 one meg million million is required. The original budget was $125 million but that has been reduced to US $75 million. This reduction in our budget is all across the portfolio. How it will affect the trading operations, lets take a resolving power look. Here at our Eagle Nest operations department we have to act accordingly to supervise with this challenge. Our plan of action includes budgeting (cost reduction) in the following. The construction rented will be hosting a room quantity 120-150 commercialised Target Date Even though we are starting the business in January but our rear end is July to capture the mass tourists market. When they will be coming to visit the Amsterdam metropolitan in crowds. So we have ample time to get things fully running. Our underlyin g areas to focus on are 1) victuals production, products purchase technology, menu card planning, supply and consumption control, and occupational hygiene. 2) Food and Beverage Service (rendering operate to clients, wines and beverages purchase, meeting visitors, orders fulfillment) 3) Housekeeping 4) Front office operations (reception and accommodation of visitors and further service rendering). 5) Interior reaping description It is a modern fashionable motel in the heart of Amsterdam Metropolitan. ... Key risks and mitigation The key risk that we face is the competition. We dont need to worry about the reputation or the fault loyalty. There are many huge hotel giants already operating there. Our original budget of $125 million was sufficient to manage with them. But now the budget has been rescheduled. We were aiming for advertisement at a grand direct but the budget being reduced has forced us to rethink on that strategy. We will go along very little on TV advertisement. W e are taking the route via the internet. Impact on operations Department Just like the other departments, the impact on the operations department will be quite severe. We will be forced to cut down on cost. In terms of percentage, it will be round about 40% of our total original budget. The biggest challenge is to cope with the legal requirements as those cannot be avoided. We are looking for very efficient plans in cost reduction. As we simply cannot compete in such a in high spirits profile area such as the Amsterdam Metropolitan without having our arsenal filled with the top quality armoury. Time plan The operations procedure will buzz off as soon as we get the contract for having the building on rent. Starting with the interior of the hotel. Furniture, china, linen, Kitchen ware, furniture are the major things to get our motel running. Given the area of Amsterdam Metropolitan, we are expecting a very high competition. The key thing to keep in mind is that we cannot start with the state of the art interior and the building outlook. Probably it is very much noticeable at this stage that the budget getting reduced by 40% is very favourable for us. People in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam prefer the floriculture of that place. Our target guests will include a major percentage of

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Abortion in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Abortion in America - Essay physical exerciseThe first instance was of Connecticut which criminalized spontaneous spontaneous abortion in the year 1821. Even in the cases of rape and incest, file a police first investigation report was a prerequisite. However a woman with the defecate of Norma L. Mcorvay filed a petition against the abortion laws which fueled up the great contest of pro-life vs. pro-choice In June 1969, Mcorvay found out that she was pregnant with her third child and immediately decided to have an abortion. However ascribable to its criminalization she could not get it done at any hospital. She was advised to register as a rape victim, however it did not happen there was no police report about the assert incident. In 1970, two lawyers by the name of Coffee and Weddington filed a petition against the laws criminalizing abortion. The lawyers represented Mccorvay under the false name of Jane Roe while the Texas state was represented by Henry Wade (Mohr). Befor e the start of the juristic proceedings, Roe conceded that she had not been raped and that case was actually meant as a plea to grant immunity to women regarding their personal choices. After multiple hearings a decision was finally announced on January 22, 1973. The court do abortion one of the fundamental rights under the US constitution, marking the beginning of a new era (Hoffer and Hoffer). There were many proposals including the proposal of viability which said that a woman wad only have abortion until the fetus in her womb is not viable. By viable, it meant that the fetus could survive outside the mothers body. However much of the freedom was granted to women and she could have an abortion after consulting a physician. . The case elevated a fiery debate not only in the judicial circles but also among political and social groups. On one hand, the decision was heralded as a victory for women rights while on the other hand it came out as a blow to the weighrs of pro-life. The decision was controversial and still a large population of the country believes that it should be reverted. Perhaps the biggest shock to the whole pro-life vs. pro-choice debate was dealt by Mcorvay herself when she revealed in 1995 that she had become a proponent of pro-life (Bergel). Since then she has spoken openly against abortion and even filed petitions to overturn the decision, which did not yield any conclusive result. In the light of the above arguments, it can fairly easily be said that the matter is a very complicated one because abortion does not only affect the physical well-being of women but also psychological and emotional well-being. accordingly there needs to be a thorough study of the statistical data about lots opinions as well as a sound scientific study before any further decision in this regard is taken. Although both sides of the debate has very strong points, I believe that abortion should not be goodized unless in the most extremes of cases. There a rgon many forms of contraception ready(prenominal) including, early morning pill and condoms therefore unwanted pregnancies can easily be avoided if these contraceptive measures are taken. Legalization of abortion actually de subject matter the reproductive function of sex and projects it only as a means of having pleasure. This encourages unprotected sexual intercourse since unwanted conception can easily be aborted causing a greater number of people to be at a risk of contacting sexually transmitted diseases. Since legalisation of abortion poses more of a threat rather than relief to the general well-being of women, it should only is legal in extreme cases. For example, in a situation like rape where the conception actually reminds the women of the detriment and puts a negative impact on her psychological well-being, abortion should be legalized. Also in both(prenominal) pregnancies, some extreme

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Ethical Theories and Principles in Healthcare Essay

honourable Theories and Principles in Healthcare - Essay ExampleReligious beliefs may go against this, but people must understand that sometimes it becomes crucial for the physicians to define the patient die with dignity and peace rather than lend him die in distress. This way, personal standards and personal beliefs of the physicians, at times, conflict with the demands of the patients. I believe that informed combine is an important ethical consideration that is about having the capable patient take part in making decisions about his healthcare and treatment process (Wear, 1992). . Confidentiality is also a crucial ethical issue, which must be maintained between patient and the physician during decision-making. My views best relate with two ethical frameworks (1) Deontology, which focuses on that physicians should fix to their responsibilities when they are facing a dilemma in making ethical decisions. This will help them to make consistent decisions while adhering to their ethical obligations. (2) Utilitarianism, a theory that helps the physician in making choices whose consequences are bettor for the patient. He will make a decision that will yield greatest benefit to both

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Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 13

Marketing - Essay precedentsly existed between countries of various parts of the world and has thereby paved the way for economic festering through the process of creation of internal and domestic demand for products and swear outs of international brand, quality, design and stature. It is of gigantic importance to state that the need of economic develop ment has led to the process of opening up of economies rough the world. The emergence of new and developing economies around the globe has played a catalytic role in the process of increase the level of competition in the marketplace.So quite naturally, this has led to the process of increasing the demand for standardised and high quality goods and go in regions all over the world. In an judge to maintain a level of standardization, the services sector all over the world has focused on implementing various new tools and strategies that considerably helps in the process of developing a significant benchmark of service delivery and retaining of authentic quality. With the growth, penetration and continuous evolution of technology, the global services sector has broadened its extension to delivering services to clients who are located in various parts of the world. It is of significant importance to state that in an examine to do so, the services sector has increasingly embedded the technology platform as a moderate of delivery in their entire service delivery model.It can be said that the Hilton garden youth hostel Hotel is part of the highly popular brand of hotel chain which is trademarked by the group Hilton Worldwide. The hotel offer hospitality sector based service offerings, which are found to be falling within the category of mid-range pricing. The hotel and its prestigious services are mostly targeted consumers all over the world, who essentially form the segment of business men and leisure travellers. Talking in a more detailed manner, it can be said that the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel is a part of the independently operating chain

The Squid and the Whale (2005) directed by Noah Baumbach case Study

The squid and the Whale (2005) directed by Noah Baumbach conceptualization - Case Study ExampleThere were a corporation of emotional changes and the behavior of the family members changed. There was a lot of animosity and anxiety as well as tensions. Whenever there is animosity oer a divorce, the family becomes disintegrated and divided. However, this emblem of stress was managed through various methods that included stipendiary attention to the emotional needs, staying active and fit. The management helped in relieving anger and anxiety and also letting go the problems that were beyond our personal control. The most affected people in the family were the children because we had so much attachment to our p arents entirely on learning that was a planned divorce, attitudes and behavior changed.Another strategy was allowing permission to feel since emotions are normal. Doing things that were emotionally and physically healthy helped us overcome the trauma and experience of divorce. The most important was avoiding making hasty decisions especially after such a traumatizing experience. When the decision came up, we took time to rethink over and over about the consequences.The social systems surmise will be appropriate in explaining the divorce to the parents and to the kids as well. The theory postulates that the society is a composition of different systems that are socially brought together. According to the social systems theory, anything that human beings do, and every emotion human beings experience involves a concept. The concept in the theory is the one of doing things with affiliation to a group of some organization in the society. The structure of todays family is in nuclear type that is a system within the main society. The children and parents will be guided to understand that the resources they have is because of the structures in the society.Basing on the theory and what the family was undergoing, the theory was applicable in a way to prevent the destruction of the

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Customer Relationship Marketing in Action within the Retail sector Coursework

Customer Relationship Marketing in Action indoors the Retail sector - Coursework ExampleQuality of client service is central to service marketing, which is possible finished CRM. Quality of customer service can be enhanced when trust, commitment, communication, empathy and conflict handling are stipulation importance in relationship building. These become important because relationship quality has significant influence on customer verity (Prasad & Aryasri, 2008). CRM is similarly about acquiring the right customer and non all customers. This is justify because 80 percent of sales are attaind from 30 percent of the customers (Hawkes, 2003). Apart from identifying high value customers, CRM is also about managing the entire lifestyle of customers (Lambe, 2001). Retailers have to look beyond the transactions of the customer. It is equally important to derive knowledge on how the customer became the customer as well as the interactions surrounding customers departure. These would help the retail merchants to better retain customers. Knowing of their life style implies that CRM should be able to anticipate and squall the future needs of the customers Suitability and effectiveness of CRM strategy of Tesco and Sainsbury Tescos Club card scheme generated information on pricing, customer services, merchandizing, promotions, media effectiveness, customer acquisitions and communications (Hassan & Parves, 2013). ... Their tesco.com is also aimed at keeping in touch with their customers. The beebread card scheme of Sainsbury is aimed at attracting more customers by having increased number of partners (Hassan & Parves, 2013). Sainsbury customers redeem their obedience points and the retailer experienced the highest number of Nectar card users during Christmas 2011. Such redemption enabled the retailer to understand the potential customer base. Sainsbury also has a strong presence on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Sainsbury gathers informatio n on customer experience which is lacking at Tesco. Both Tesco and Sainsbury have loyalty card aimed at retaining customers. Boedeker (1997) however, contends that loyalty cards are based on the assumption that special offers and bonus points would be the only effort that customers would not deflect. Economic aspects are only one of the benefits that consumers seek. A study by Turner and Wilson (2006) put that customers at Tesco may be shopping more because of Tesco Club cards but they do not feel more valued because of these cards. This undermines the very purpose of CRM as no relationship has been built. The success of loyalty cards is not limited to enhanced sales or profits. Their card only promotes incentivized loyalty and no emotional loyalty has taken place as customers are not influenced by brands. Hassan and Parves also arrange that loyalty card holders at both Tesco and Sainsbury do not limit their shopping only deep down these two retailers. Possibly this could be be cause of weak value proposition and flawed design of the loyalty cards (Bayraktar, Yilmaz & Yamak, 2010). Also, the companies may not be able to analyze all of the data generated through

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Racism in Finding Forrester Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

racism in Finding Forrester - Essay ExampleFinding Forrester has elements of class, race, ethnicity and stereotyping and even gender inequality that are feature invariably in the various threads of the tale as the director, Gus Van Sant would relate the 2000 movie. The picture palace tries to cast what obtains in society in as close to reality as possible. Starting with sociological perspectives, this account gives a synopsis of the film, progresses on to the study in selective perception mode and picks on incidents of the story featuring these sociological terms with an insight of what happened.In a gritty New York neighborhood, a shadowy but perpetually unseen figure appears behind thin curtains. Rumors abound regarding The Windows identity and story, prompting African-American Jamal Wallace to accept a dare to infiltrate The Windows apartment and bring something out. Jamal is a 16-year-old scholar-athlete and aspiring writer in inner-city Manhattan. When hes not piece in his journal in his bedroom, Jamal and his boys would play basketball on a local Bronx street court. They acknowledge that theyre being observed by someone with binoculars in a nearby apartment building.As Jamal enters the apartment, he is caught in the act and accidentally leaves behind his backpack, which contains his journals. The Scottish reclusive genius writes comments in the notebooks, and drops the backpack by a window.Jamal returns for more lessons. His efforts lead him to get tutored by The Window, with Jamal agreeing not to reveal his whereabouts. The tutor turns out to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning classic novelist, William Forrester, who wrote the Great 20th Century Novel, Avalon Landing, and had been reclusive for four decades. Forrester is a virile Caucasian in his mid seventies.Sociological perspectivesBlacks like Jamal are considered inferior by some theorists as a result of flawed genetic traits (Eitzen and Zinn 2004). In The Bell Curve work of Herrnstein and Murr ay (1994), Blacks are said to be mentally inferior to Whites. Such genetic inferiority, according to Gould (1994) cannot be changed by environmental changes. These theories bordering on biological deficiency, generally are not accepted in the scientific community (Eitzen and Zinn 2004). Media, however, just like films, live to give attention to the thinking of these theorists.The MovieRace is a huge issue in the film and many stereotypes are made. Jamal Wallace is introduced in the film as a typical Black teenage male who goes to a low class school in the Bronx and really excels on the court as a basketball player. He is looked upon as an amazing Black as though unexpected because of his color. One induction of this is that the teacher (April Grace) calls Jamals mother in to school, to inform her of her childs amazing abilities. Jamal is also looked at as given to playacting or to pleasure because of his class. Although he had wanted to realize his writing ability, the exclusive New York school that had offered him a scholarship, is actually more interested in having Jamal play basketball to improve their school image. He briefly learns that after losing several players to graduation, the school is looking to restock the basketball team. In fact, Jamal gets transferred there as a junior, presumably to have him educated. A Black, Jamal is seen to fit in their objectives as Blacks are of a class, easily docile and more oriented to playing than studying. Or so the prep school thought.Jamal has been characterized also as an underachiever in class. This plot point caters to the stereotype that Black students get bad grades. This is different from the view that Jamal may want to get bad grades to fit in with his bad-grade-getting peers. This is probable and is more of peer pressure among the newborn which can be found in whatever race. The first view, however, which appears truer as far as the story is concerned, is stereotyping while the second view is non-r acial. The first view which

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Vicarious Liability for Police Supervisors Research Paper

Vicarious Liability for Police Supervisors - Research Paper moralThe law has with considerable forethought, extended the scope of this doctrine to encompass the activities of the police. Thus, senior police officials are under a duty to supervise the activities of their subordinate officers. They are directly liable to the public for the acts of their subordinates (Del Carmen 107). This rule applies point when they authorize, participate, or ratify such acts. These senior officials are also liable, when the act had been committed in their carriage and it had been possible for them to continue it, but they had preferred to remain indifferent. Vicarious liability connotes indirect responsibility for the negligent actions of subordinates. Such conduct could be the outcome of negligence in hiring, training, assignment, supervision, entrustment, or retention (Del Carmen 107). The State laws may render police supervisors liable for the actions affecting subordinates. In general, dir ect liability tends to be related to the reasons for which employees could be reassigned, suspended, demoted, or dismissed from service. The provisions of backing 42 Section 1983 are generally invoked, in articulate to render a police supervisor directly liable to the public (Del Carmen 107). ... In addition, these police supervisors bear to enhance their awareness come acrossing the actions and competencies of their subordinates. As such, police supervisors should recommence the fundamental tasks of continually supervising, teaching, updating, and controlling their subordinates. This will prevent to a major extent, the various civil rights actions that tend to be undertaken on a regular can against the actions of the police. In the contemporary world, there has been a tremendous increase and development in technologies related to computers, the cyberspace and communications (Grossman). Consequently, the cost of providing refresher courses and documentation on a continual basi s should not expire the cost of a legal action for failure of the municipality to provide proper training and adequate supervision, with regard to its law enforcement officers (Grossman). In Suders v Easton, the plaintiff was a police communications operator, who resigned from her post without officially informing the police department of her having been subjected to sexual harassment. Subsequently, she sued the police department for sexual harassment in violation of Title VII. Her contention was that her resignation was tantamount to a constructive discharge (Bass 195). The Third Circuit ruled that a constructive discharge on account of sexual harassment by a supervisor was a tangible employment action. This ruling effectively precluded the police departments affirmative defense to secondary liability. Such an affirmative defense can be resorted to when the sexual harassment does not lead to a tangible employment action (Bass 195). However, this important ruling was overturned b y the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania State Police v Suders. The reason

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Business Idea Journal 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business Idea Journal 2 - Essay ExampleAlthough corrade therapy caper has been tapped into by many magnates within Canada, there seems to be a huge market niche in Halifax. Halifax is a capital metropolitan with a population of about 400,000. Approximately almost a three of the whole population seeks for work therapy services on a regular basis. This overwhelming demand cannot be sustained by the existing massage parlors in the town. Moreover, many would want to visit a massage parlor that can provide additional services such as barbering services. There is, therefore, the need to bring in a reputable massage parlor that, besides providing the therapies, other services such as hairsbreadth cut can also be offered.This communicate massage therapy parlor get out offer both particular services massage therapy and barbering services. It will be equipped with machines and apparatus, as well as supply specialized in this type of service delivery. Having explored this idea extensi vely, it has been found that men tend to seek for massage therapy services more than women in Halifax especially in the evenings when they get out from work. This is not to say that women and children do not. This establishment will target the general population anyone who requires massage and barbering services. The fact that it is combined with a barbershop will attract and sway customers who probably needed to haircuts into asking for massage therapy. Additionally, the business will be more conspicuous in the market since it would be one of its own that has seen this kind of a combination in Halifax.To reach out to the potential clients, internet resources will be utilized. Social media is one of the many forums that this projected business can be promoted. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among other electronic platforms would provide opportunities through which the massage therapy business

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Teaching resource package Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Teaching resource software package - Essay ExampleIt is the learner who interacts with objects and events and thereby gains an understanding of the features held by such objects or events. The learner, therefore, constructs his/her own conceptualisations and solutions to problems. Learner autonomy and initiative is accepted and encouraged. (Van Ryneveld, n.d., n.p.).The Teacher Resource packages presented atomic number 18 only a few examples of constructivist learning at work. The students direct their own learning and call on their creative and critical thinking skills to come up with dynamic ideas that invite more learning. Students are no longer seen as passive recipients of learning with teachers as dispensers of knowledge.Under Outcome 5.11 which says A student analyses the meet of human resource use on the biosphere to evaluate methods of conserving, protecting and maintaining Earths resources, the teaching package proposed is on disseminating essential information on saving endangered environments. Specifically, it go forth attempt to meet 5.11.2 (C), which states that students give be discussing strategies used to balance human activities and needs in ecosystems with conserving, protecting and maintaining the quality and sustainability of the environment.For this resource package, students allow for be doing research on the degradation of the environment in some settings that are mainly caused by human factors. It endangers the lives of plants and animals which have taken up residence there. It will investigate what humans have been doing to kick down to environmental destruction as well as what can be done to protect wildlife and go on their deaths and possible extinction. This package aims to impart to students care and concern for the environment and hopefully develop an advocacy in protecting it from negative elements such as illegal logging or illegal planting of crops. Students will be exposed to

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Plato’s argument Essay Example for Free

Platos argument EssayI think Platos argument that what is holy and what is approved of by the gods ar non the same thing is convincing. If well take a deeper look, being holy and being approved of expect a big difference in impairment of standards and construction. First, what is holy means something that is sacred or sanctified. In terms of standards, the things that are considered holy are natural. Meaning, these are the things that have been blessed and considered holy because of divine interventions. In terms of construction, these are the things that are concrete. Meaning, these cannot be writhe or changed in any situation that may occur. On the otherwise hand, what are approved of by the gods are things that are created on a case to case basis depending on different factors handle the notion of justice. Compared to those that are holy, those that are approved by the gods may be changed or modified. What is holy may or may not be approved by the gods, while what i s approved of by the gods may or may not be considered holy.Discussion 4 Though at that place are the co-called washcloth lies that are used so that plurality wont be able to hurt other people from the truth and protect their private interests, still a lie is a lie. For me, there are no particular incidents by which we can say that it is just to lie. As Ive heard before, A lie only establishs a thousand more lies. Truth hurts but lies are worst. Also, it has been stated that grievous a lie is a sin. May it be minimal, still, it is lying. Kant said that moral good must be ground on reason. If a someone would tell a lie for the reason of protecting his/her personal interest, is the lie considered moral?Of course not. Because it was also stated that Kant wants to use moral principles as a security against people that would want to behave only in their own best interests, for personal gain, or based only on feelings. I think, the scope of morality is way too big because mora lity may also depend on each culture and belief that people possess. Discussion 5 most(prenominal) situations that we see on TV and even in real life are scenarios of big kids strong-arm the little ones in school. The big kids would harass the smaller ones to make them do their assignments, exams and even take capital or snacks from them.This can be a simple example of using other person hardly as means. On the other hand, there are also those who are kind who protect the smaller kids and help them to keep away from the bullies. This is a case in which a person is respecting another person as an end-in-him/herself. Referring to Kants text, The moral system of Kant depends too on the caprice of our freedom. Kant describes being free as following our own rational principles, instead of just our desires , I think it is impossible to live a life in which we do not use other people merely as means.This is because, there are no perfect persons in the world and when we sometimes use our freedom, we tend to choose to do the things that would benefit us rather than opt those that are entirely moral and rational. Not using a person in this world is much too ideal. Discussion 6 I believe that people should do what is in their own self interest as long as is morally right and does not oppose any rules or law governing him/her. I dont equate with Ethical Egoism. Indeed, there are things which we desire or want for ourselves.But, the first question we should ask is Do we really need what we want? because in the first place, not everything we want is really essential to us. A want is different from a need. Also, what we ought to do is analyze the things we want. If we think these wants are justifiable and come-at-able but in a righteous way, then maybe we can pursue these. If I have the ring, Ill think very carefully of what to do with it. Ideally, I would do what is rightful and fair. Discussion 7 I dont agree with Mill that the proper standard of making the world a better place is through delight.Mill stated that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness the happiness of a group of individuals taken as a whole is desirable for the group as a whole. Lets say for example, we have a group of corrupt politicians. Their action to produce happiness is through corruption and what is desirable for their group is stealing millions of money from the people for their personal benefit. It supports the idea of Mill yet did they make the world a better place? No. therefore, happiness is not the proper standard of making the world a better place.

Netsuite customer relationship management for the Banking Sector Essay Example for Free

Netsuite customer kind management for the Banking Sector EssayNetSuite is the worlds leading provider of on-demand business application software combining history and enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) andecommerce capabilities in a completely integrate solution.With over 12,000 customers globally, NetSuite companies are enabled to manage all key business operations uniting departments, automating processes and gaining unparalleled keenness into their business.Netsuite is construct around a single customer record, so all areas of the business sales, support, accounting, distribution, shipping and billing, single-valued function the same info for every interaction. Because NetSuite gives vital business intelligence in real conviction, businesses can give away informed decisions sudden.Deliver better business management powerful real-time, customisable dashboards, NetSuite business management software gives managers and employees the functionality, information and tools they need to manage their entire business better and streamline operations. Eliminate data re-entry because NetSuite software is built on a single record for every aspect of business, theres no need to waste time re-inputting data into separate systems.Eliminate IT maintenance and upgrade costs NetSuite is cloud-based, business management software with a 99.5% uptime guarantee. This gives greater reliability and security while eliminating the need for on-site hardware and software. Make better decisions faster NetSuite business management software gives real-time business intelligence dashboards for any and every aspect of the arrangement from leads, commissions, sales revenue and forecasts to bank balances, receivable and payable anywhere and anytime. Increase collaboration NetSuite SaaS offers portals that allow customers, partners and vendors to join allowing organisations to get closer to customers and partners, move quickly and sei ze opportunities.

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Modern Poetry Comparison Essay Example for Free

Modern Poetry Comparison EssayOver the past a couple of(prenominal) weeks, my class and I have been studying a bank of poems, all of the same theme, they all cud with racist issues in modern life. I have chosen two of these poems to compargon, these are, The Negro and Prayer of a black boy. Through come to the fore the coursework I shall be calling Prayer of a black boy numbers A, and The Negro, poem B.Poem A uses imagery contrasting white and black cultures, lots of words and expressions in the poem underlines the wonder and amazement of the Negros natural environment, and the barrenness and unproficness of the white mans. I will be disusing these and pointing out the affects they have.Poem B is in 6 clear stanzas but uses imagery of a symbolic and/or historic kind, and so I will also explain the affects this has upon the poem, and although Poem A is written continuously, it sewer easily be broken into six stanzas for comparison. Also both poems are written in the showtime person, we deal this because they say I.Due to Poem B being in six stanzas it is very supple and easy to read and understand, so I have split Poem A into six resolve as well to make it easier to compare.Poem A tells us that the mans roots are very black, and that he is proud to be Black and that him and his people originated from Africa, I concluded this from the line Black as the depths of Africa.In poem B the man says he is tires of this world, he is saying a prayer, which means he is federal official up of the way white people act and live and he trusts out, also he says since the quill crew he wandered, this means he is worn out of looking for a better stern of peace amongst the white people.Poem A explains that the man in the poem has always been used as a slave and that he has been treated like a second class citizen because of his race. Also he says Caesar told me this means that black people have been slaves for a very extensive time, even when Caesar was around. Bu t he seems to be proud of what he and his race have done to get where they are now.During the second part of Poem B, the man describes a beautiful scene of where and what he wants to be, but then he thinks somewhat what will really happen, which is that his people are slaves and workers all day then he says they are fuss out of the factory in which they work. He also dreams of going back to his own country and invigoration freely amongst his people, but he then awakes with great disappointment to se he is still stuck in a white mans world.In the third part of Poem A the man explains that he worked on ancient buildings as well as very modern buildings, which shows us a sense of time, of which he and his people have been treated with a lower standard from the white people, and over a long period of time.The man in Poem B tells us that what the so called gentleman is, he doesnt want to be, because he can see the real white people and they are not kind and unselfish as a real gentle man is thought to be. Also he compares his chocolate-brown skin with the brown sugar bags in the street, which are from his country and makes yet again think of being at radix with black people.The forth part of Poem A, tells us that he is a singer, and this shows he is proud of the mail service he is currently in. We have a mention that he worked his way up from his homeland (Africa) to Georgia, where he sings ragtime for white people and they like it, and this makes him very proud to be who and what he is, a Negro.In the forth subdivision of Poem B the Negro explains that he really wants to be back where he knows is a lot better place, which is his country, because in this country there is nothing better than his home, Africa.In section five of Poem A, he tells us that he and his race have been victims all their lives, he tells us the horrors oh what has happened in the past to him and his race. They have been treated unfairly and with no trial they are punished.Poem B section five, tells us that the man doesnt want to learn the ways and religion of the white people, he wants to know his own history and practise his own religion, the religion of the black people from his home country. He asks why he should read about things he doesnt know or understand of. The white peoples religion comes from a book, (the bible), whereas black religion is carried through time in stories and songs.The final section of Poem A is the ingest same as the first stanza, he repeats how proud he is of where how hard him and his race have worked, and that he is proud of his wonderful country, his wonderful home, Africa.The final section of Poem B isnt the same as its first, in this final part, the black man explains that white people are in any case sad for his kind, and that his culture are in touch with there countries natural habitat and that the white people are far too industrious. The final line tells us that the white culture needs to lighten up a bit.

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Useful Steps to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking Essay Example for Free

Useful Steps to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking Essayhttp//www.toastmasters.org/tips.asp (retrieved on 26/06/2013)This website provides some useful tips that should be followed to overcome the fear of public speaking. First, it instructs presenters to choose a root word that they are interested in, and estimate to know more almost it than they include in their lyric. Second, rehearse forte with all the material that they plan to use and try to practice with a timer. Third, imagine themselves giving their speech with clear, loud, and confident voice, and visualize the audience applauding for them because that allow for enhance and boost their confidence. Then, they should arrive early to the room that they will present in and rehearse using visual aids. In addition to that, they should know the audience by greeting them when they arrive and address them because that will subside their nerves. Also, they should not apologize for any problem or nervousness, for the audi ence may not notice it.http//www.mayoclinic.com/health/fear-of-public-speaking/AN01979 (retrieved on 26/06/2013)Tips that are given in this website to handle the fear of public speaking are slightly different from the first one. First, presenters should know that the oddment of their presentation is not to convey data, but it is to motivate and inspire their audience. Second, they should read a lot about their topic because the better they understand their subject, the less they will make mistakes. Then, they should practice many times and try to do it in front of people who they are comfortable with and ask for feedback. In addition to that, they should speak with conviction, for when they believe in what they are saying, they will convince their audience effectively. They should do some deep respiration before presenting because that will help them relax and mitigate their nerves. Moreover, they ought to prepare some stories because they will get their thoughts crosswise much be tter than charts and numbers, and because they will make their audience engage with them. Next, they should know that the audience is in their side, and they desire them to succeed.

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Organisations - Contrast the Assumptions of Mainstream and Critical Approaches to studying Organisations Essay Example for Free

Organisations business the Assumptions of Mainstream and Critical Approaches to studying Organisations EssayAn judicature is a group of volume intention every last(predicate)y organised to save an general, common goal or set of goals. Business organisations can range in size from devil people to tens of thousands. Organisations be complex phenomena and understanding them either from the point of learn of academic analysis or as a basis for practical examines to change them is also complex. It is obvious that organisations vary in a number of key ways, for example structures, horticultures, personnel systems, and so on. There are several key aspects to delve about the goal of the business organisation.These features are explicit (deliberate and recognised) or implicit (operating unrecognised, behind the scenes). Ideally, these features are carefully considered and established, usually during the strategic planning affect. Vision Members of an organisation often wee-wee some image in their minds about how the organisation should be leaning, how it should appear when things are going well. Mission An organisation operates according to an overall purpose, or mission. Values All organisations operate according to overall values, or priorities in the nature of how they retain out their activities.These values are the personality, or culture, of the organisation. Strategic Goals Organisations members often work to give several overall put throughments, or goals, as they work toward their mission. Strategies Organisations usually follow several overall general approaches to reach their goals. Systems and Processes that (hopefully) are aligned with achieving the Goals Organisations have major subsystems, such as departments, programmes, divisions, teams, etcetera Each of these subsystems has a way of doing things to, along with other subsystems achieve the overall goals of the organisation.Often, these systems and processes are defined by plans, policies and procedures. How you interpret each of the above major parts of an organisation depends very much on your values and your nature. People can pile organisations as machines, organisms, families, groups, etc. The study of organisations draws on a number of disciplines Economics Classical economics viewed the firm as a single decision-unit engaged in maximising profits. It ignored the possibility of conflict between owners, managers and employees.The arrested development with competition failed to take into account the other goals which may take precedence in organisations. Organisation surmisal partly owes its existence to a reaction against such simplistic ideas. It became necessary to understand behaviour which seemed in classical terms to be ir rational number. Psychology Psychology is a wide-ranging matter. Early psychologists provided an insight into idiosyncratic behaviour within organisations particularly on aspects of motivation and leadership. The H awthorne studies led to a realisation of the importance of neighborly phenomena, such as the informal groups, group norms and conformity.Valuable as these micro-level studies were, they only compounded to the issue by making it difficult understand the link between the behaviour of individuals and the structure of the organisation in which they worked. Sociology Organisational sociologists took a wider perspective, setting the organisation within its surroundal framework specifically in relation to society and its institutions. any(prenominal) sociologists have examined formal organisational structures, particularly in relation to engine room. Dating from Webers early work on bureaucracy, sociologists have taken a particular interest in non-profit making organisations.Organisations as Systems (Systems or Mainstream Theory) Mainstream Organisational theory thinks of organisations as systems. Simply put, a system is an organised collection of parts that are exceedingly integrated in order to follow up an overall goal. The system has various inputs which are processed to produce certain outputs, which together, accomplish the overall goal desired by the organisation. There is ongoing feedback among these various parts to ensure they stay put aligned to accomplish the overall goal of the organisation.There are several classes of systems, ranging from very simple frameworks all the way to social systems, which are the closely complex. Organisations are, of course, social systems. Systems have inputs, processes, outputs and outcomes. To explain, inputs to the system include resources such as raw materials, m stary, technologies and people. These inputs go through a process where theyre aligned, moved along and carefully coordinated, ultimately to achieve the goals set for the system. Outputs are tangible results produced by processes in the system, such as products or services for consumers. other kind of result is outcomes, or benefits for consumers, e. g. , jobs for workers, enhanced quality of life for customers, etc. Systems can be the completed organisation, or its departments, groups, processes, etc. Feedback comes from, e. g. , employees who carry out processes in the organisation, customers/clients using the products and services, etc. Feedback also comes from the larger environment of the organisation, e. g. , influences from government, society, economics, and technologies. Each organisation has numerous subsystems, as well.Each subsystem has its own boundaries of sorts, and includes various inputs, processes, outputs and outcomes geared to accomplish an overall goal for the subsystem. Common examples of subsystems are departments, programs, projects, teams, processes to produce products or services, etc. Organisations are made up of people who are also systems of systems of systems and on it goes. Subsystems are organised in a hierarchy needed to accomplish the overall goal of the overall system.The organisational system is defined by, e. g. , its legal documents (articles of incorporation, by laws, roles of officers, etc. , mission, goals and strategies, policies and procedures, operating manuals, etc. The organisation is depicted by its organisational charts, job descriptions, marketing materials, etc. The organisational system is also maintained or controlled by policies and procedures, budgets, information management systems, quality management systems, performance review systems, etc. One of the most common ways at present is to look at organisations is as organisational systems. This view is becoming to a greater extent common among professionals who study, teach and write about organisations.Practitioners who work with organisational management to improve organisations also tend to view organisations as systems so it has been termed the mainstream approach. Note that machines, organisms, persons, groups, families, family dynasties are all systems, too. Probably everyone in the workplace has t heir own supposition of what organisation means. As with most highly complex terms, everyone is right and everyone is wrong. The concept of organisational culture is much akin an organisational personality. Organisations, like people, have life cycles.Many people view organisational learning much like we view organisms to be learning. Organisations can accumulate and manage knowledge as well. There are a commixture of books that describe other traits of organisations much like traits of people, e. g. , depressed organisations, addictive organisations, etc. David Needle makes two important points about the dynamics and determinants of organisational structure and functioning organisations are not simple unitary, consensual entities where everyone agrees on and focuses on shared organisational goals but where sectional, group interests and viewpoints exist and flourish.And although in many ways organisations are the most rational entities ever created where managers and employees s trive to make sensible decisions about purposes and to design organisations and processes that efficiently achieve these purposes, in populace irrational forces also play a major role (Salaman, 2001). Setting organisational goals is a complex process whereby both external factors and internal politics need to be taken into consideration.As such, the system is highly dynamic and changes in the goals will occur with changes in the external environment, such as market demand, technology and government policy, as well as changes that take place between interest groups within the organisation e. g. , sales and production departments. A number of goals may operate at any one time. These may conflict, but in general the goals of a business follow closely those of the dominant coalition (Needle, D Salaman 2001). A change in will power or top management is likely to lead to a shift in emphasis of the firms operations too.The culture of an organisation refers to those factors which enable u s to distinguish one organisation from another and are the product of its history, management, operating environment, technology, goals and so on. More recently the notion of organisational culture has been used in a more positive way and a set of principles have been develop which mark out the culture of a successful company from that of an unsuccessful one (Needle, D Salaman, 2001). The goals, structure, patterns of ownership and size of an organisation both reflect and are reflected in its culture.The importance of the organisational culture is that it sets the scene for the intent of strategy and hence the operational aspects of organisational life. Mainstream organisation theory has attracted tiny attention. Thompson and McHugh (Salaman, 2001), for example, have argued that there is a vogue for a narrow management plus psychology perspective which has little to do with real-life enterprises. In an attempt to produce a science of organisations, the main focus has been on ide ntifying generalisations about behaviour in work situations and applying them to all organisations, regardless of their nature.In particular, theorists have paid scant attention to the differences between organisations which are subject to market forces and those which are not. Thompson and McHugh contend that it is not meaningful to treat organisations as diverse as observatory troops and transnational companies within the same analytical framework and using the same domain assumptions (Salaman, 2001). This has been termed the critical approach. Lets look into the critical approach a little more.

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Investment Banking Essay Example for Free

enthronization Banking EssayInvestment banking is a type of financial service that focuses on helping companies acquire silver and grow their portfolios. Much of this comes in the form of stock and bonds transfer, just investment capital and wholesale in bodily acquisitions argon also part of the equation. Bankers within this sector argon usually highly trained, and are widely recognized as some of the most elite participants in the financial marketplace. They are often privation as much for their consulting and advising go as they are for actually executing transactions. Consulting ServicesInvestment bankers ofttimes give companies advice on mergers and acquisitions. They also track the market in order to help executive officers ensconce when to make public offerings and how best to manage public assets. Some of the consultative activities investment banking firms engage in overlap with those of private brokerages which often give buy-and-sell advice to the companies th ey represent. Investment banking is typically a much more nuanced service, but many of the basic strategies are the same.Transactions and PurchasesMost of the consultants and specialists working within investment bank firms are able to actually execute transactions on behalf of clients, as well. Many large companies simply want the advice, and will then make their own decisions in-house. Particularly for small businesses and companies without robust financial services divisions, however, hiring an outdoor(a) consultant to manage investment decisions backside make a lot of sense.AdChoicesWealth Management Courses1 Year Post Graduate Diploma in New Delhi With Global Curriculum. www.IIfpIndia.comCourses in BankingIndustry Endorsed Banking Program. light speed% Placement Assistance. Apply Ifbi.co.in/Bank_Operation_CoursesInvestment Banking EuropeCorporate Finance Advisory for Companies Targets in Europe www.ieg-banking.comcertified public accountant CFA CMA CIA IFRSMumbai Delhi Pune Chennai Bangalore Admissions Open Becker CPA CFA www.orbitinstitutes.com human language technology Certification CourseGet a Certification in NLP with the Best Training in Indiawww.soexcellence.com/nlp+trainingBenefits for Both Buyers and SellersWhen done properly, investment banking has the potential to take in both those who are selling corporate acquisitions and those who are buying. Asset sales generate substantial revenues that companies can use to front new products, promote existing brands, or invest in research and development. prisonbreak into business typically requires a lot of money upfront before any profits are realized, but once those benefits come, primary investors usually profit substantially.Distinction Between technical and Investment BankingCommercial banking that is, basic account counsel, loans, and standard investments like certificates of deposit are typically kept separate from corporate investment activities, and many banks engage in but one area. I n the United States, it was illegal for a bank to have both commercial and investment divisions until 1999, when the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act legalized multiple areas of specialty. Institutions that offer dual services usually do so through different branches and staffs, and accounts are usually maintained separately.Breaking Into the airfieldInvestment banking is often one of the most lucrative and sought-after jobs in finance, but with this prestige comes spectacular responsibility. Most of the professionals in this field have extensive training. A college degree in finance or accounting is almost always required, and graduate degrees particularly in business, corporate finance, or financial management are quite common.

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Youth Sports and Character Development Essay Example for Free

Y show uph Sports and Character Development look forCharacter phylogenesis is non something that can be gained or mounted over night. Character development is the multiple bearing skills that an respective(prenominal) builds at heart themself through turn up their livenessspan. When a soulfulness develops total slip in their early years of spiritedness, they entrust benefit in the long run beca recitation they white plagued the conduct skills they gained and coiffe them to intention, becoming a achievementful single(a) in all looks of liveliness. T present is nonp beil thing for received in this world, every genius wants to accomplish something in intent and we want to recognize our full potential. In order to do this we must deal some skills, and in this case its life skills.Life skills ar a range of indications we express much(prenominal) as communication, commitment, hard role act upon, setting inclinations, etc. If an individual wants to excel a t a job, a free rein or any discipline, that somebody must meditate and master circumstance skills. Retaining life skills that you have genuine allows an individual to deal with lifes troublesomeies and struggles much effectively. People do not realize this, but when a person develops essential life skills and argon up to(p) to choose them for their own uses when they want, that individual has more control over their life and atomic number 18 therefore atomic number 18 happier and more productive in life.Participation in sports at a new(a) age helps provide depend fit cleavage development within an individual. Sports are one of the close influential commissions for a person to develop good character development because sports involve all aspects of character development. As a sports histrion you will gain life skills, pains, and estim up to(p) decision- qualification skills. Perseverance is a characteristic that is Copernican for any individual to gain and uni verseness active in a sport will help you develop the sense of touch of perseverance and understand its greatness.Perseverance a privateized character development where an individual learns the importance of functional hard until they reach their goal, and the feeling of success that individual experiences dis admits through perseverance is the importance of hard work knowing that success doesnt come easy. Dont let the fear of striking out keep you from acting the spicy. This famous quote whitethorn seem simple to figure out and its significance for an individual but applyt let the simple context of its spuriousing diagonal you transfer this quote has a strong motivational meaning that relates to perseverance and is useful for any individual to be triple-crown in life.From my posture, this quote reinforces the idea of not giving up on personal accomplishment. Whether your goal is as simple as making a habitation hit or something striking as abstracted to open up your own business accomplishments in life arent pass to us. Some goals may come easier for others, they could try cardinal terms and obtain their goal or it may take up to 20 quantifys the important matter is how they handle their failures. In baseball/playground ball a player is allowed three strikes until they are called out. As a player, being called out at the eggshell is a tough call to mentally accept.Its essential for a player to develop the importance of not giving up because mentally it can change a players perspective on the importance of perseverance. Dont let three strikes keep you from hitting the ball succeeding(prenominal) time your up to bat shake it off and tell yourself, Ill charter it next time, develop the feeling off ratiocination. This strategy is relatable for anyone who has goals they want to accomplish. You never know when you will reach your goals in life. Things may not work out the front time you go after it but, it doesnt mean you have completely fa iled, you must keep playing the game.When an individual reaches their goal and creates successful the feeling they will experience is unexplainable and different for everyone. Its no wonder why this quote and the development of perseverance play such an important role in an individuals life and when a person develops this helping of character development at a unripened age, it helps them become successful at an forward stage in their life. Ethical decision-making skills are important in our everyday lives because we are constantly making decisions on something, whether its deciding on what you will do on a day-to-day cornerstone or if its dealing with a situation that must be resolved.Having the ability to affectively make the surpass decision possible for any situation by gaining ethical decision skills and putting them to use are essential for everyone. When a person is involved with sports, they are constantly learning and practicing ethical decision-making skills because there are always decisions that must be made. Whether the situation is between two police squadmates or dealing with calls in game situations, there are always decisions being made. Being a participant in sports, an individual obtains personal and fond values and behaviors.This is where an individual builds close relationships through the experience of being away of a team. inside the building of close relationships in sports, a person learns how to work effectively in-group settings. Individuals gain and learn the importance of handling different situations and viewing them in a strategic way when resolving a conflict. otherwise features of an individual having good character are honesty, righteousness and ethical behavior. These characteristics are brought about through being a participant of a sport because when an suspensor recognizes they are in the revile during game play, they develop the importance of honesty. i. e.In baseball/ softball a runner makes contact with the ball, the player runs to first base but realizes they didnt touch the bag when the ump calls the player safe. That player is honest with the ump and says they baffled the bag, then goes suffer to the dugout. ) This action of honesty a player displays transitions into ethical behavior because they knew they were in the wrong when the call on the play was made so they displayed ethical behavior by walking back to the dug out. It says a lot about a player if they are willing to risk the team an out/point by being honest and acting in an ethical manner.Another ethical behavior that has developed is the notion of helping others. This is effective because a player learns to respect the inverse, and if an opponent is injure in the middle of a game they put those their ethical behavior by helping the opponent off the field or helping them back up from the ground. This action becomes important in an individuals life because it is one of the things that makes a person have good character. If they learn how to help their teammates or their opponents in a sports atmosphere, as they rise up older they will use this characteristic in their everyday lives.Another characteristic that falls into honesty and ethical behavior is integrity. In sports its always about teamwork and playing by the rules, and by practicing these ethical behaviors an individual develops the meaning of integrity and the importance it plays in our day-to-day lives. Over time an athlete has the experience of always having to borrow the rules, and this will continue into the future when dealing with society. Developing integrity is not only limited to following rules but also is related to an individuals donnish success.As a student athlete, in order for a player to participate in a sport, they are obligated to sign an pedantic integrity policy. This form requires an athlete must obtain, and keep, a certain(prenominal) grade point average that is set by the school or aim. This type of discipline is important because it demonstrates hard work, determination and maintaining to the responsibilities you agreed to. Academic integrity is a great tool for a person to obtain because it follows in with following the rules and if an individual wants to be successful in life they must follow the rules and maintain their obligations they agreed to.From experience, academic integrity has impacted my academic success throughout my school years. I never have had the chance to slack on a homework assignment or get away with not studying. It is a simple concept if I wanted to participate on a team I must keep my grades up or I simply would not be able to be away of a team. I have been asked how I am able to do it and how do I go to school, work, and play softball. My answer is simple, I just got used to it and having the responsibility of retentivity my grades up is helpful and has been a great discipline strategy for me.A sports participant also is able to develop the concept of balanc ing different commitments such as school, work, and a sport. This is important because as we grow older we become busy with work and our family life. We must learn how to balance between our activities so we become responsible, successful individuals in all aspects of life. Integrity doesnt stop there. It follows an individual for the rest of their lives. The impact of battle in sports and the influence it has on academics transitions into career outcomes.If a young athlete grows up practicing academic integrity, they use their motivation and are able to visualize how important success is and are more likely to hike their education beyond a steep school degree. When I interviewed my coach from West Virginia, he said, academic success is important to me and as a coach. I want my girls to be successful college athletes on and off the field. My hopes are that when each one leaves and moves on with their life that they use all the life skills they developed here to be successful wher ever they go.Softball is important for me but whats more important is that my girls are staying on top of their schoolwork and getting good grades. Even though my girls are here on scholarship, they are also here for a college degree and I think its important the girls and myself dont loose sight of whats more important. I stick to my academic policy each girl must have a grade point average of 3. 0 or higher. If anyone is attempt I make sure they regularly meet with a tutor even if it means they overleap practice or a game.If they fall under my expectations I must follow up with my sacred scripture and as hard as it is I have to suspend the player until they improve their grades. My coaches aspect on academics is what has helped me develop good academic skills and will be useful for me as I move towards graduating from college and vary working in a field of my degree. I found it informative when my coach was knowledgeable on character values and how they are broken up into two parts. As participantion in sports an individual develops two types of character values social and incorrupt.When an athlete gains social values, they are developing loyalty, dedication, sacrifice, teamwork and good citizenship, while moral values include the development of honesty, fairness, fair play, justice and responsibility. I wanted to research the two types of character values and understand them in a more in-depth understanding. There was an online article my coach referred me to that said, Social values, which are highly esteemed in our society, are about the real world and how society views the importance of social character.Moral values are first principles, meaning that they stand by themselves if we violate any one of these, we violate people directly. Social values are positive assets but must be enured by moral values. A person who has strong social character may have comminuted or no moral character. An individual can be highly dedicated and loyal to an baseborn cause. Because sport may foster social values, character development through sport should help athletes learn to weigh a social value against a moral value and then act on that moral value (Beller, December). all told of these characteristics play an important aspect in a players character development, which become successful tools throughout life. Referring back to the development of perseverance, participating in a sport teaches you to reach for something higher that you have never imagined helping you set life goals. This character development altogether gives an individual the opportunity to be successful in life. When a person reaches their lifetime goal, they then use the other tools they developed in order to keep their lifetime goal successful. (i. e. n individual applies for a job and is hired.This person uses their social and moral development skills along with other good character skills they developed to be a successful worker who makes a difference for the company. H aving a well-rounded development of good character is what makes an individual stand out from others, especially in a work setting. ) As an athlete you learn the importance of The six Ws Work Will Win When Wishing use. It takes hard work when achieving anything in life, nothing comes easy and it especially does not come by deficiency for it.As a participant in sports I learned the meaning of the six Ws through my experience of coaching and playing sports my entire life. I would not be where I am today if it wasnt for the involvement in athletics and the impact it has played throughout my life All of the different character development aspects I just discussed have contributed to the development of my individual character, academic success and achieving my personal goal. As a young girl, since the day I could walk, I have been committed in the involvement of sports. Dance and pee wee baseball were the first two activities I became involved with. passim my middle and high school yea rs I participated in dance, softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, track and cheerleading. As I progressed into my minor(postnominal) and senior year of high school, I decided it was time to start focusing more on my lifetime dream. I was in third grade when I went from playing peewee baseball to playing slow pitch softball, later advancing into fast pitch softball. This when I decided I wanted to be the pitcher on any softball team I will play for. My goal didnt stop there though I wanted to take my dream farther, my goal was that one-day I would get paid to play softball.Third grade was when I decided that one day I was going to be the pitcher for a division one or division two college or university. For 15 years I dedicated myself to toss, and what people do not realize is the fact that most pitchers, such as me, spend an hour at least four to five times a week outside of team practice working on our pitching skills. All year I practiced pitching whether it was my dad catchi ng me or the brick wall, outside in the blazing sun or the pouring rain, inside a gym or on concrete, there was always a way to do drills and pitch no excusesIt was my freshman year when I got moved up to the varsity softball team, and it was my junior and senior year when I outstandingly succeeded. Ill never forget beating fastness Hill High School, ending their undefeated record, all the no-hitters and one-hitters I threw, and all the recognition I got for throwing such excellent games. I was able to recognize the importance of teamwork, knowing I would not have been able to throw such excellent games if it were not for their excellent defense.Just like the saying, Theres No I In Team. Throughout those years I developed all the essential life skills, knowing I wouldnt have been able to develop these skills if it was not for my involvement in sports. My character development through sports did not stop with my senior year of high school. It was my senior year of high school when c olleges were scouting me and I realized how much my hard work had paid off. A some division three universities in Pennsylvania wanted me to sign with them and be apart of their team.Although that amazing opportunity was there, I wasnt satisfied because my dream was to get paid and I was determined to reach that goal. I ended up visiting a fewer division two colleges where the coachs final decision was not to recruit me. It became mentally difficult for me to accept without becoming discouraged and not wanting to give up on softball altogether. My pitching coach Staci and Wes who is the head coach of Frostburg State University, was one of the biggest impacts on my mental development when it came to perseverance.They taught me the importance of hard work and the role of a pitcher on a team, which was a big part of my character development. It allowed me to not to let the denial of a few colleges stop me, so I decided to advance my goal a little farther and took into experimental c ondition the thought of playing out of introduce. It was May of 2008 when I signed my letter of intent to play division two softball for Potomac State College of West Virginia University. A DII softball team chose to recruit me and pay me to play softball for them.Even though it was an unexplainable feeling, I want to focus on the development aspect of the experience itself. Within my two year contract with Potomac State we were the East and West Pennsylvania state champs both years, undefeated in our conference one year, had high winning records both years, and placed in the tournament we played in down south. These were all great achievements each player will memorialize for the rest of our lives, but it is the character development we learned that makes each and every one of us successful now and in our future.After those two years I decided to move down to a division three college or university where I could focus more on my degree. After contemplating between a few, in fall 2 010 I took the opportunity to play for Coach Caldwell at Penn State Altoona, where I would finish my last two years of softball. Unfortunately last spring in 2011, I was pitching a game when I got line drive straight back to my pitching hand, right on the bone. fortuitously nothing was fractured but the doctors said there is a chance of permanent tightness or tendonitis that could develop.Of course with my developed life skills of perseverance, hard work and determination, I was not going to let the speck keep me from playing softball. It was this past fall, 2011, when I started into my fourth year of college softball. I was determined to be able to pitch the same way I did back in high school I mat fresh and ready to go. A few weeks went by before the end of the season when my mind was singing me one thing and by body another. It was a combination of overusing my arm, the wrist injury and school, which helped me realize that by chance it was time to end my softball career.It was a tough decision but I think it was time to face the facts if I keep pushing myself then eventually I will tear myself apart to the point I can not even coach. I do not plan on advancing to the pros and plus I had to view the biggest picture of it all my goal was to get paid to play softball and I accomplished that part of my life. I figured it was okay to move on, advancing my life experience by putting my develop life skills and character development to use so I can live a successful and rewarding life.The coming spring of 2013 will be the first time in 15 years that I wont be participating in softball. Im not sure what to expect, but I know it is going to be difficult for me but I think as long as I stay focused on the importance of my future and the positive impact sports has had on my life, I will be satisfied with my decision. It was not just the feeling of accomplishment that has helped me develop a positive character development, but all the experiences within each year that helped me gain a well-rounded development of good character and essential life skills.All the developments I gained has made me successful in my work and school settings. My transition from involvement in sports at a young age to the college level gave me the skills and character development that lead to coaching young girls. Coaching is something I never imagined doing but when the opportunity came my way in 2009 I was speechless. For me, coaching is a personal reward because I am able to give back to what has been a positive part of my life. It is not something anyone can do, a coach must have the essential skills mentally and physically in order to be an effective coach.When I got recognized I was specifically asked if I would be implicated in giving personal pitching lessons for 20 dollars and hour. Today, I am still coaching young girls back home in the area and one day I plan to be apart of a high school or middle school softball team as their pitching coach. It is obvio us to see the influence sports have on an individuals character development. If a electric shaver starts participating at a young age and stays committed throughout high school, they are more likely to become successful in their future.Altogether with the experience of my participation and having the opportunity to coach, I wouldnt be the person I am today if it was not for the essential life skills, ethical decision-making skills and character development I gained through being a sports participant. I will use my essential tools when dealing with a future situation that may deal with friends, family, a work setting or just my day-today activities. My communication, leadership and team building skills will allow me to work with others in any atmosphere.The determination and hard work ethics will help me become successful one day when use my college degree to apply for a job. I will be able to successfully balance my life activities on a daily basis staying committed. My honesty and integrity development has made me an individual who is undeviating and trustworthy. I have gained all aspects of character development, and I owe it all to the involvement of sports and the coaches who influenced these essential life skills that produced my good character development.In conclusion, through my involvement in sports, my different observations through coaching, an interview with my coach and the surveys, youth sports have a positive impact on the development of good character. Sport programs have the influence to promote the development of sports-man-like behaviors, ethical decision-making skills, and an overall curriculum for moral character development. The experience of being apart of a team also provides an individual with a social environment to acquire personal and social values and behaviors contributing to good character and good citizenship that is used throughout an individuals life.

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The Scarlet Letter - Thesis Essay Example for Free

The Scarlet Letter Thesis raiseOne chief(prenominal) theme present in the work The Scarlet Lette is that of sin and transgression. Nathaniel Hawthorne attempts to show how ungodliness can be a form of everlasting penalty. The book represents sin and guilt through symbol and fibre development. In his novel, The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne explains how the penalty of guilt causes the closely featureing among those affected.As with any piece, symbolization plays an important role in representing the main ideas of a novel. The plot in The Scarlet Letter revolves round three significant events that describe the development of the story. As both starting transfer and ending point of the novel, the hold up prognosiss hold symbolic meaning.The first-year scaffold scene introduces the reader to the story, plot, and extensions. The reader meets Hester Prynn and soon discovers the doer of her sin. Hesters thoughts as she stands before the earth ar described at t he end of the second chapter. Could it be trustworthy? She clutched the electric shaver so fiercely to her breast, that it sent onward a cry she turned her looks down(prenominal) at the scarlet letter, and even touched it with her finger, to assure herself that the infant and the shame were real. Yes -these were her realities, -all else had vanished (Hawthorne, 55). At this point, Hester is still quite a ashamed of her sin of adultery, and may non want to acknowledge the reality of it. As Hester is accused of her crime, the first scaffold scene represents committing and being accused of a sin.By the time the second scaffold scene approaches, seven years later, the reader should know that Hesters partner in crime is the minister Arthur Dimmesdale. Thus furthermost in the novel, Dimmesdale has kept his sin a secret from society. During the second scaffold scene, Reverend Dimmesdale ventured out in the night to the scaffold in seek of forgiveness from God. He hoped to reveal hi mself to the public, however No eye could see him, save that ever-wakeful one which had seen him in his closet, wielding the bloody scourge. Why, then, had he come hither? (129) Resulting with the burden of guilt still upon his soul, his sin is not revealed which is why the second scaffold scene represents concealment of sin.Just as the book opened at the scaffold, it closes in that location as well. The third and final scaffold scene involves the primordial characters from both the first and second scaffold scenes. All three of these characters, Hester, her child osseous tissue, and Dimmesdale stand together at the scaffold. This is the point in the novel where the minister finally wishes to reveal his sin. Concealing his sin for so huge had caused him to deteriorate both mentally and physically, so just as Dimmesdale confessed, his life was taken from him. The third scaffold scene represents revealing and repenting sin.Some say that Nathaniel Hawthorne named the characters of his novel with symbolic meaning behind them. Each of the 4 main characters names can be tied in one way or some separate to sin and guilt. First, there is the character Hester Prynn. Her last name, Prynn, rhymes with the word sin, which is used to represent her role in the novel. Next, there is Dimmesdale. Simply the mere sound of the name in itself gives the impression of someone dim, dark, or weak possibly this way from suffering guilt. Then there is Chillingworth. Again, the sound of the name gives the reader a sense that the character has a cold heart which is sinful alone. And lastly, little Pearl. Rather than representing the evils of sin, her name means salvation, and can be represented as the salvation of sin. The characters alone play a symbolic role in expressing the main theme. (Online-Literature.com, Symbolism)Nathaniel Hawthorne attempts to show how guilt can be a form of everlasting punishment by wake how each character endures frequently suffering from it.Hester Prynne, the main character in the novel, suffers a variety of types of punishment for the crime of adultery she committed. She faces such punishment as public humiliation from damping the symbol A as to represent her crime, dealing with the physical outcome of her crime, and most painful, having to wait with what she had done. As the book opens, Hester is brought forth from the jail and walked to the scaffold. For the first time being seen in public named an adulterer, Hester shies from the public as they mock her. However, She neer battled with the public, but submitteduncomplainingly to its worst usage she made no claim upon it, in requital for what she suffered she did not weight down upon its sympathies. (Hawthorne 140). Soon, it did not matter what other people thought of Hester because of her sin. She chose not to live with the humiliation, but she did make up to live with herself.Having to deal with her daughter Pearl day in and day out is a punishment in itself as wel l. Most people, including Hester, view Peal as a demon child. However, Hester hesitates to punish Pearl for being so. She lifes guilty as it is, placing a burden on Pearls life, for Peal is branded as the child of an adulterer, all of this resulting from Hesters passionate sin. (Guilt as Reparation for Sin, paragraph 14).The minister Dimmesdale is greatly affected by the weight of guilt he carries with him everyday of his proceeding life. Since his sin is un cognise to society, there is not a public crowd to look down upon him, but one Roger Chillingworth who lives just to torture Dimmesdale. He wishes and prays most lots that the public know of his wrong, rather than hold it secret, as it would be less painful. Happy are you, Hester, that wear that scarlet letter openly upon your bosom Mine burns in secret (Hawthorne 182). Fear, is in fact, the whole reason Dimmesdale fails to confess himself. He feels guilty for not being able to be a founding father figure to Pearl, for letti ng Hester suffer on her own, and, of course, just for his own sinful actions. In the end, it is the guilt that kills him, not any public humiliation.One may look at Roger Chillingworth, Hesters husband, and see no guilt in spite of appearance him. Truthfully, Chillingworth is a cold-hearted soul. He does, however, have some guilt. Chillingworth, indeed, feels a bit guilty for marrying Hester in the first place. He and Hester both knew they did not love each other, but decided to marry anyway. Chillingworth might have known something like what Hester did would have happened eventually. After all, Chillingworth was much too old and unattractive for a young womanhood like Hester to feel anything worth making the relationship work. Even though it was out of his hands, Chillingworth also feels a bit bad about leaving Hester as he did for so long.He may feel that he could have been a catalystin what happened, however, Chillingworth was not about to let others who contributed to it run extraneous freely. This explains his excuse for becoming a fiend. He may feel guilty for becoming so evil, however, he blames it on Hester and Dimmesdales actions, and does not feel he should change his ways. I have already told thee what I am A fiend Who made me so? (Hawthorne 151) He felt less guilt than the other characters, however, he was the one who caused the most misery.Although Pearl, Hesters daughter, does not directly suffer such guilt because she is the only innocent character in the novel, she does suffer from her mothers guilt and sinful actions. Because Pearl is dubbed an evil being as an illegitimate child, she suffers much public ridicule and humiliation. She also receives the blame for Hesters past seven years of suffering guilt. During the scene in A Flood of Sunshine, when Hester throws the A into the river, she also symbolically throws away Pearl, thus rejecting and blaming her own child.Each of the quaternary main characters, in their own forms, has and must s uffer from a form of guilt. Since Hester and Dimmesdale are the only characters that committed the sin the book revolves around, they are the ones who suffer most of the guilt. Guilt is a painful reminder of sin. The other punishments both characters had to face were painful, but in the end, all they did was make them feel further guilt and suffer further pain.The only thing other punishments bring out is the inner guilt of a person, if they are worthy enough to realize their wrong. Only the man who has enough good in him to feel the justice of the penalty can be punished the other can only be hurt. (Punishment Quote, paragraph 1). there are two characters in the novel who are worthy enough to be punished Hester and Dimmesdale. On the other side of the spectrum, there is Chillingworth. He does not see the wrong in his sin of twisting Dimmesdale.Hester Prynne immediately feels guilty for what she had done. If anything, shed wish to take it back, as if it had never happened. Such t he same with Arthur Dimmesdale. He was not only suffering from guilt of his sin, but alsowas becoming a very hypocritical reverend, the last thing he may have wanted. It is quite evident that the guilt eventually swarm him mad to the point of self-mutilation, because as the reader knows, in the end of the novel, Dimmesdale dies from his guilt.If you are not worthy, you cannot feel regretful for what you have done, as the case with Roger Chillingwroth. He felt it was he duty to torture the reverend Dimmesdale. He was, nonetheless, hurt by it. He had dedicated the remainder of his life to making Dimmesdale suffer, so when Dimmesdale died, so did Chillingworth in brief following.Sin is represented in many ways throughout the novel. Because of the sins the characters have committed, they had to be punished for their actions. permit them suffer with their own guilt is the best way of going about the matter. With this, the character is forced to live with what they did. Because both He ster and Dimmesdale saw their wrongs, guilt, for them, was effective. It just goes to show the pain the characters suffer. In his novel, The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne explains how the punishment of guilt causes the most suffering among those affected.BIBLIOGRAPHYGuilt as Reparation for Sin in The Scarlet Letter. http//www.123student.com/english/1443.shtml. Feb. 2004.Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter. stark naked York Penguin Books, 1962.Punishment Quote. http//www.123student.com/english/1910.shtml. Feb. 2004.Stephanie. Symbolism in The Scarlet Letter. http//www.online-literature.com/hawthorne/scarletletter. Feb. 2004.